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  • Quickly Sell Your Unwanted Items

We can maximize exposure of your items to a global market. With the use of cutting edge technology and insight into industry secrets we can deliver any item to specific, targeted buyers.


Selling your unwanted items yourself can be a hassle. You'll need to establish market pricing in your area, advertise online, and screen the spam and scams that have become all too common. If not, you can also hold a yard sale that involves a lot of labor with little return.


  • We won't make it hard to sell your items

There are times when holding an estate or moving sale just isn't an option. You either don't have enough time, or there are too few items for sale. Auctioning your items potentially means more exposure and more money in your pockets!

  • Don't lose out on extra money

Most consignment stores can be very selective in what they accept. They can charge high commissions and put the responsibility on you to contact them within a specified time frame to collect your unsold items. Any unclaimed or unsold items will become the store's property, and will be disposed off accordingly.

We can pick up your items, and can usually be at your location within

24 hours.


(352) 461-0535

  • Why our auctions are a better choice

•   Items can be cleared very quickly from your home and stored at our facility until they go to auction. All items consigned to us will be sold at auction within 30 days in accordance with Florida law.


•   Auctions allow you to open up your items to a greater buying audience. Online bidding allows a greater potential sales at a higher price.

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